Building a tower of busyness

Building a tower of busyness 
by Joel Howard

Heat them bricks, Heat them bricks
Build that tower of busyness!
Build it tall and build it high
So we can be by Jesus' side!

Earn your way, earn your way, 
Regardless of what Jesus paid! 
Do your job, do your job, 
Earn your place in the sight of God! 

Who can rest? Who can rest 
in this game of busyness?
Do your best, always your best, 
Let no one see your weakness! 

Hide your tears, hide your fears, 
Live like the wrath of God is near! 
Who can stand? Who can stand? 
Earn the bounty of Jesus' hand. 

And when you've hit your very end, 
get up, slave, and try again!!

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