What is that to you?

What is that to you? 
Based on Peter and Jesus' interactions in John 21
by Joel Howard

What a God! What a Lord!
I love your miracles, O God!

Come my son, come my friend
Let me tell you more

What is it God? What is it Lord? 
Tell me what you're saying

Do you love me? More than what you've known? 
Go and feed my sheep!

You kind of stump me with your repetition
Don't you know I love you, God? 
Then Jesus introduced me to
All that I'd become

When you were young you did the things
Just as you wanted them, you did them
But when you're older they will turn
Your whole world upside down
And knowing that, Follow me

Look, Jesus, there's John
What about that man? 
Will he, too, learn to give up his preferences
Will they also crucify him? 
Yes, look at the one you love
Will you also teach him? 

And I'm not sure if it was the contrast
Between who I had been
And who he said that I'd be
But while I questioned his plan
The deep discomfort hit my soul
As Jesus called me out

What is that to you?  My little friend
If I have plans for you
That I have for no one else? 
You must follow me!

And with that, the Lord owned my soul
I truly was only his now
What is that to you? he said
As he beckoned me in closer

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