The enemy is laughing

The enemy is laughing
by Joel Howard

The enemy is laughing at me
taunting now my soul
openly blaspheming heaven's name
to imprison whatever in me was whole

Stealing, tearing down and
binding all things for himself
the enemy is freely taunting my soul
wanting me in hell

In this moment I identify
his evil laughter, scorn and jabs
tuning out his voice to me
and not giving him what he demands

Instead of shying back to darkness
instead of giving in
I stand firm in Jesus' promise
I turn and rebuke him

Now when I hear laughter
and I smell hell, when I sense accusation
I will not give an inch of myself
or open my doors to him

Instead I rise above the noise
and let Your face shine on me
for Satan cannot stand Your light
and here cant take life from me

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