Start low every day

Start low every day
by Joel Howard

I was praying for a country
Yes a country
God how do I pray
For a country?

Its leaders
Its people
For true revival

For safety
For politics
For schools
For families

For churches
For Jesus
To have his way again

So I started low
I just sat
I just bowed
I just wept for awhile

To name all I don't know
and all I can't do
is a good way
of approaching you

So start every day low
Tear down what's high
So that the highest high
Is the Lord Jesus Christ

My weaknesses offer
My sorrows know
My sickness heal now
To the floor I go

I start low every day
In every situation
And every conversation
Make humility my station

I do not grab 
A nearby fly swatter
in attempts to subdue the enemy 
only to face his laughter

Instead I stop
Quick to listen
Slow to speak
That's intercession

I have to stand 
In the presence of the holy
And let his ways
And words control me

I cannot bring the world to him
As if he doesn't know anything

Impact me with 
The culture of heaven
Pour your words
On me again and again

Affect me with the sorrows you're feeling
Constantly to me your heart revealing

May I ever start low
And work my way lower
To join in with you
As with a brother

To partner in the labor of prayer
To fly to you Jesus
And sit with you there

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