by Joel Howard

I will lead out of proximity
You will find me close, you see
I will lean in, listening
When I hear you have a problem

I will minister out of proximity
Longevity my strategy
Look you in the eyes, press in to the mess
You will find my faithfulness

When no one has the answer but God unseen
Still you'll find me listening
Every anxiety, every drop you bleed
I will love you with simplicity

Draw close to you and you to me
When you fear and react
to what you see I will hold your hand
When you cry for pain and want to run
I'll lean in again

My only verb will be "stay"
I will love you in this way
A friend indeed you'll have in me
I will love you with simplicity
I will know you through proximity
In every kind of complexity
You will find some rest in me

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