Nothing else to prove

Nothing else to prove
by Joel Howard

Not enough
God are you not enough?
Will you run out of love?
God are you not enough?
Killed by lack of love
Am I killed by lack of love?
God are you lacking in love?
I can't get enough.

I am worried tonight
Will I have enough to go around tomorrow?
I am worried tonight
So my soul faces panic and sorrow

In joy I put to words
the silent whispers I have heard
Satan won't get his way
Not with me today
I worry so I fear
but I permit you in here, God
To slow down every fear
To make it obedient to Jesus my King!
With a smile I sing!
Saved by the grace of my Lord
In whom I can all things afford
In whom great space I have in store
He has won me
I have nothing else to prove

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