My shaking hands

My shaking hands
a song about striving
by Joel Howard

Twitch, rattle and sweat
A great big batch of regret
I haven't begun yet but
I've already failed in my mind
This earnest yet ugly, sad yet so me
Weak and homely sense of striving
This costly waste as I, in haste,
spend my days striving
Waiting for permission to finally give in
and be who I'd be without striving
I actually think I can earn the air I breathe
Buy the things I need from heaven
I actually believe your work in me
Is a result of my striving
Striving is my favorite never-ending recipe
sending me endlessly diving
into the wasteland of nothing that I am
stealing my joy every day

Why O why am I this way?
With my hands shaking I pray
You are breaking this striving

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