My bed at night

My bed at night
by Joel Howard

When the day is bright
and everything is alright
My soul sleeps tight

But when the sun goes down
And it all goes down
My panics are at a height

My pillow is my Goliath
Can I face him?

I stand tall in the face of the giant
I awake now to praise though the sun has grown dim
In the dark night of my soul I ask you, Joel
Can you sleep when the lights grow dim?

Panic and worry surround me
Though God has called me to rest
Panic and anxiety are close now beside me
Can I rest? Can I give it all to Him?

If I can face the giants at my bedside
I know I can face anything when I go outside
If I can face the giants that swarm at night
I can surely face they that attack in the light

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