Jericho series: Day 7

Jericho series: Day 7
by Joel Howard

Never will forget the day
from sun up until dusk
Where with my fathers, elders and leaders
we rounded walls another seven times

The dust turned into rubble
our shouts turned into songs
their mocking turned in to cries of death
and many of them died

From the shaking of the ground
to the flittering of joyous anthems
as we stayed up that night
The glory of God so real and so tangible

I never will forget or regret
the rounds I made before
In days when all I got were taunts
when obeying was a chore

I'll never live up to the guilt I feel
for days I lost
When sleeping seemed much easier
and faith too great a cost

To future generations
I retell my story so
If you have six more days
and thirteen laps to go 

Remember that your doubts
will be enveloped in a rapture so pristine
Your joy without measure
and the gold of eternity glistening

You wont regret a single day
spent full of faith
The only ones that burn 
are when you try to do it your way

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