I don't want it all

I don't want it all
by Joel Howard

"No, no, no" is my inner cry
to the world and its cravings
which would make my soul dry
"No, I say," to the prince of this world
who would sell me a bundle of empty promises

I would open them up thinking I had it made
My heart would jump, my pride on parade
He would sneer and chuckle and grimace and run
That prince of this world would of me make fun
I'd look down at my purchase, my heart would sink low
Much lower than depravity, much deeper into debt it would go
For that prince sold me lies and that sneak is off running
That creepy, mischievous, crafty and cunning
pathetic liar who sold me the world
but left me here crying, scared and alone!

"I don't want it all" is the cry I now make
I just want your will - no more pride parade
No more empty, sleepless and panic-filled nights
I rend my defenses, I lay down my fight
I don't want it all, Master, Savior and Lord,
I only want you and what your grace affords
I don't want the world and to lose my own soul
Your precious boundaries over me, cover me, Lord
Whatever you give me, Lord that is enough
All I want is your face, your hand and your love

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