I am a liar

I am a liar
by Joel Howard

I am a thief so I'm going to steal from you
I am a murderer so I'll try to kill 
I am a liar so I'm going to lie to you
I'm a deceive you so I'll try to throw you off
I can't stand God so I'll defame his name to you
I'll make you think he doesn't exist
Or at least that he's distant or not ever good to you
I am the father, the father of lies
I hate all things "children", so I'll squelch the child in you
I hate creation so I'll make you destroy it
I am so impatient so I won't let you wait easily
I can never rest so I'll try to rob your sleep
I can't stand heaven so I'll ruin your view of it
I abhor prayer so you know I'll take that away from you
Community? I hate how God wants it
So I'll ruin whatever healthy relationships you have
Bottom line is, I'm destined for hell
So if I can take you with me, I'll do that as well
I hate all things Jesus so I'll keep you from calling on him
I hate the Holy Spirit so I'll make you reject him
Want to try to stop me? Want to keep me distant? 
Try in your own strength and I'll break right through it
I am a liar, a thief and a murderer
I work day and night to see evil flourish here
I come in big ways and I come in small
In terms of lies, I'm the father of them all

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