Hidden but enjoying it

Hidden but enjoying it
by Joel Howard
"For you died and your life is now hidden with Christ in God" Colossians 3:3, ESV

I'm not saying there's no pain
In spending a season away
From the life, the lights, the excitement of the crowds
It's not that being here 
tucked away in the Father's love
doesn't have its pain
As he weans me from elementary things
Like the glance of people
The likes and opinions of friends
Yes here in hiddenness
I feel like a tree feels in winter
Cold, and all but dead on the outside
Off the map
Off the radar
No one knows where I am
Yes hidden I am
Like Paul says 
Who I truly am is hidden in Christ
But when I let the liquid of the love of the world
Slip away, slip through my fingertips
When I watch my dreams and memories die
Of what it was like to be known
connected and flourishing in popularity
Acknowledged for the gifts in me
When I let go of life's frailty

I feel the firmness of the ground under me
Underneath me are the everlasting arms
And I can safely say
I am hidden but happy
Locked away but joyful
Hemmed in but satisfied
Knowing that the I AM is with me
Knowing that the Lord knows my story
Finding that Jesus Christ favors me
Being the apple of Abba's eye
Makes it not so bad to die
To the opinions and whims of a world at war
And saying, "no" becomes an acquired taste
It is not a waste
To pour out all that I am
In the hidden wounds of the Lamb
Finding who I am becoming
In the Spirit's grace and loving
arms - finding who I'm becoming
Here at rest, not running
Hidden but enjoying it

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