Beautiful boundaries

Beautiful boundaries 
by Joel Howard

Come let us build a tower to the skies
that there be no man greater than I
gather your strength, together we strive
These are the things I say down inside

The Lord comes and visits my life
confuses the strongholds I've built, so I cry
Spreads out the idols, tears down my height
burns them all so I am safe, lest I die

Left to myself I grow my own pride
left to myself I climb and I climb
Beautiful boundaries the Lord grants, draws nigh
A beautiful "no" he permits in my life

I had burned my bricks thoroughly
and had built my tower high
But the Lord has his way in me lest I would die
Yes the Lord has his way in me lest I would die

At the start now I forfeit building a city for my own
I reject self improvement, I get off the throne

I consider your boundaries I thank you now, King of kings
I seek you in you mystery, Lord of my life
I seek you in your mystery, King of my life

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