Send down your love

Send down your love
by Joel Howard, a prayer
"And he passed in front of Moses, proclaiming, 'The LORD, the LORD, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love...'" Exodus 34:6

Inundate, saturate
Beset us with a deluge
Submerge us with a heap
Overload and overburden us
Pour, waste and squander
Engulf us, precious Jesus

If this world sees your love
It will be enough
Send down your love
It will be enough
If as Christians we receive
And give the love which we believe
If the world sees your love
It will be enough

From church to church
From shore to shore
On the internet
In our homes
And so much more
If we respond when cheek is struck
With overflowing, unending love
If when we're robbed we offer love
God, its true, that is enough
From presidents to little boys and girls
From parents and grandparents 
If you would send on us your love
God, we know it is enough

No matter what the enemy scores
God we know your love is more
When Satan steals a soul or three
I know what his regret will be
He cannot manufacture love
He's empty, never has enough

But when the Holy Spirit thrives
And pours on us His love alive
Then we have all we need, you see
We need no pack, no bag of money
Just send us out, Lord, two by two
Give us love, we'll know what to do
Explode o'er us your grace
Your plentiful mercy in this place
If with love your church comes alive
The harvest will get to the other side

So submerge and engulf us with your love
I am sure, so sure, it will be enough
Send down, send forth now your love
Send down, send forth now your love

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