Secret recipe: thankfulness

Secret recipe: thankfulness
by Joel Howard

Duh! I forgot the secret ingredient
The secret recipe
The essential piece
I forgot to stop and Lord, reflect
Upon your faithfulness to me

Ha! What did I think I was doing
Moving forward, rushing ahead
Without your tender, close reminders
Of what you've done, and who you've been?

Thankfulness is my secret recipe
Thankfulness, my constant song
Thankfulness is my fuel, my gasoline
Praising your great name all day long

Woah! Where did I think I was going? 
Ouch! That would have hurt a lot
Had I rushed on instead of pausing
On your greatness here, O my God!

See, my son and my daughters, friends:
Every good an perfect gift
Comes down from an unmoving Father
Let's all turn to Him!

Thankfulness is my sweet aroma 
Thankfulness, my anchor here
Thankfulness is my go-to action plan
Remembering constantly you are near

Thankfulness is my house, my fortress
My surety when times are tough
Thankful for your grace and mercy
I can't thank you enough!

Thankfulness is my line, my legacy
Thankfulness, my morning song
Remembering your saving interventions here
All my whole life long!

How can I thank you enough!
How can I thank you enough!
How can I thank you enough!

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