Paid to be quiet

Paid to be quiet
by Joel Howard

Suppression and anxiety are sisters
Coldhearted and pain filled
They huddle together 
In the corner of all homes
Fear and suppression are distant cousins
Fear sneers at her saying, 
"Hehe! You loser!" and he runs away
Suppression sits there weeping
Daring not express
Anxiety, her partner
Loveless at best

We're all paid to be quiet
By Satan himself
He gives us what we want
But what he gives is hell
We're all destined for silence
Until our God comes through
Captivating our eyes
By the King of kings

When Satan and Christ battle
Word of man vs. Word of God
Flames of hell vs. flames of Love
Suppression keeps us chained up
Until we look above
Heaven's voice smiles down on us
We are enraptured by His love

"Where is all the money? 
Where are all the goods? 
Where's what Lucifer gave you?
Where's what Satan gave?" 
Jesus asks as we with empty pockets
Cry to him, run to him as prodigals
"He told me to be quiet," 
We answer God, "And instead gave
these chains." 

"He told you to be quiet" 
"What else did he tell you?" 

Embraced by the Giver of Life
Floods of tears and strife come flowing out
As for the first time we pour our hearts out

"Mmhmm. Tell me more," He says
Smiling but surely caring

Thus begins my journey to the end of suppression
Prudent, yes, I am no fool
I do not say whatever comes to my mind
But suppression has moved out
But Satan has moved out
A long time ago

Anxiety lingers, but she draws me to Christ
Fear is out there
But suppression, she has moved out
And Satan has moved out
A long time ago

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