Leaving Home: Chapter 5

Leaving Home: Chapter 5

Chris and Peter

A low murmur but a quiet song echoed in Chris' ears, now warm.   It was 5 o'clock in the afternoon and Chris was by himself on what seemed to be a tall mountain.  There were no tubes in his face, no straps on his arms. Its as if he had been dreaming and was never at the hospital. Was he at the hospital or was it all a dream?  Where was the eagleflint that had carried him here. Where was he?  

In the morning when I rise
In the morning when I rise
In the morning when I rise
Give me Jesus
Give me Jesus
Give me Jesus
You can have all this world
Give me Jesus

The quiet song was echoing somewhere off in the distance.  Chris slowly got up to inspect his arms and legs and make sure he was alright.   He had been asleep for at least three days and didn't know where he was.  

Give me Jesus
Give me Jesus
You can have all this world
Give me Jesus

The song got a bit louder and then stopped.  Chris saw a figure in the distance appearing to be walking towards him.   Then he saw someone else alongside of the figure.  Chris became alarmed and looked around to see where he could hide.  He found a cleft in the mountain and hid there for a time.  

But the figures never came.  As he hid there he thought about Moon, whom he remembered as his physician at the first hospital.  He remembered her words, HE STARTED IT, she had said of his father, Farmer Dysa.  He remembered the quote he had read on the wall of her office. Something about all Dysa's being millionaires. Yeah right, he thought. I'll never be a millionaire.  

Just then he heard what sounded like Everett's voice, outside the cleft where he was hiding.  It was! It was Everett's voice.  

"Plan for him to come out here, and the godlings, yes put the godlings here.  They will be warmer over here.  You know they can't survive in the cold." Everett had said outside the cave where Chris was, not noticing that he was hiding in there.  

"Not sure how many we'll fit," another voice appeared to be in conversation with Everett.  

"Just put them all here.  Sharline will never know what hit her," a third voice chimed in.  This voice seemed smug and sneaky, kind of whiny like an immature man who really is a boy inside.  

"Sharline? Who said anything about Sharline?" Everett confronted the baby man's voice.  "There will be no talk of Sharline until the day arrives," Everett continued.   "For now, make sure the godlings are all in place.  Put them in boy, girl order, if you would." And with that the three walked away.  Chris did not get a look at their faces, but only saw their shadows. Two tall shadows and the third was smaller and fat - maybe that was the baby man's shadow walking by.  

What was Everett doing here?  And where was Chris?  These and other questions plagued Chris's thinking as he thought about what to do next. He could still hear murmuring on the part of the three, so he stayed hidden in the cleft until they hopefully moved on.  A couple of hours went by and they finally stopped murmuring, so he figured they were gone.  But just as he went to leave the cleft, he realized he was trapped. There was a window that closed in front of the opening of the cleft suddenly before he had a chance to exit.  

"Hey!!" Chris banged on the window, protesting, but nobody was listening.  Nobody was there.  Chris crawled deeper into the crevice where was to see if there was another way out.  There was none.  Chris remembered that his phone was still on him and he opened it to see if he could call for help.   There was 20% left in his battery so he knew he would only have time for one or two phone calls.  But just before he could make a call, he received an incoming call from an unknown number. 

Chris picked up the call, "Hello? Who is this?" he asked.  

"Chris?" said the voice on the other line. "Chris Dysa, is that really you?"  

"Um, who is this?" Chris replied, puzzled as to who this might be. He was not used to receiving many phone calls, especially not at a time like this while stuck in a cave.  

"Chris, this is Peter! Peter Dysa, your older brother!  Chris, I know we haven't spoken in seven years since I called you back at Everett's shop..."

"Peter?  Peter what are you doing?" He asked, then he started in explaining his situation and how he was stuck in a cave after having been delivered to a hospital and then carried off by an eagleflint.  

"Wait, Chris. Did you say an eagleflint carried you off?" Peter stopped him.  

"Yes, I was on the co-rider on my way to the final mountain. The rider got attacked by eagleflints and I got separated from my pilot. Of all places, they took me to a hospital where I saw a physician named Moon, but before I got anywhere in my treatment, all I know is I was transported to another hospital by an eagleflint - the same one who took me to the first hospital.  But then I passed out for three days and all I know is I'm stuck in a cave now on some mountain." 

"Chris, whatever you do, don't move and do not get out of the cave," Peter warned. "Did a window close over the entrance?" 

"Uh, yeah, it did!" Chris confirmed. 

"Okay, how long ago did that happen?" Peter asked.

"About three minutes ago, and then I started looking for a way out before I decided to call for help, but then you called." 

"I know, I can see you," Peter exclaimed, to Chris's bewilderment.  "I can see everything on that mountain, Chris. And its dangerous.  You really shouldn't be there right now!"

"What? You can see me?  Wait, why is it dangerous? How?" Chris fired questions over the phone at his older brother. 

"No time now, Chris," Peter answered. Then he whispered to someone near him and all that Chris could hear on the other line was faint murmuring. Then he heard someone on the other line say, "Peter, they're about to start the festival. We've got to go meet Chris. He's not safe there." 

"Chris?" Peter checked to see if Chris was still there. 

"Yes." Chris said. 

"Chris, I'm going to pray for you, and then I want you to hold still. As still as you can, for the next twenty five minutes.  Then don't move." 

Then Peter began his prayer. 

"Oh God, Lord of all and Master of all, my brother needs you now.  He has been gone for so long and I don't want it to end this way.  Master, would you release as many angels from your throneroom as necessary in order to maintain Chris's safety until its time. Until the day comes.  We pray this in Jesus' name. Amen," said Peter, and what sounded like a great throng of people on the other end of the phone shouted, "Amen and amen." 

"Amen," Chris agreed and then said, "Gosh, Peter, who all is with you over there?!" 

"You'll see, brother," Peter answered. "But no time for that now.  Just hold still brother.  I'll be there in about 10 or 12 minutes." And Peter hung up the phone. 

As Chris looked down at his cell phone, there was about 15% battery left.  There were obviously no chargers in this cave where he was.  Where was he?  Then he remembered Peter's words of instruction to stay still for almost half an hour.  He saw a ledge on the cleft - furthest away from the window. He decided to kneel there and pray.  As he prayed he remembered a song Everett and Carolin had both taught him when he first came to Everett's shop.  He prayed it and then rested quietly. 

Heaven's trumpet calls the most
Not many hear it
Horn Player, Lord of Hosts
Let the earth now hear it
In this sacred space I fly
Not with hands and feet
But inside I cling to thee
Here now at your feet
Here now at your feet
Come and hold now me

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