Is that okay?

Is that okay? 
by Joel Howard
"Search me, O God, and know my heart, try me and know my anxious thoughts." Psalm 139: 23, NIV

I tell myself I'm worried
I tell myself I'm forced into being hurried
I hurry and I hurry 
To make up for the fact that
I'm worried
I tell myself I'm worried

Have you slowed down
To get to know anxiety? 
Can he be your friend? 
Can he point you to waiting? 
To discomfort? 
To resting in the boat while the waves threaten
To take you under? 

Have you slowed down
To get to know anxiety? 
Could he be a friend to me? 
This endless panic and worry
Could they be signposts to me? 
Is that okay that they came? 
Or do I have to violently wrestle
Until it all goes away? 
Do I have to push and pull and grunt and strive
As if my own striving sustains my life? 

Hi, anxiety, I'm Joel
Now what is it you're doing here? 
Are you pointing me to a path that's clear? 
A path of waiting, fasting and prayer? 
Is that why you are here, my dear? 
Okay, be on your way, or sit with me, I say

My prayer life is my life
Anxiety is fuel for the fire
Do not worry about anything
But pray about everything
Paul says to the Phillipians
Its about time I slowed down
To get to know my anxious thoughts
If God searches for them 
To know them
So must I

Now, fleshly advancement
I say die!
Come, Spirit
Come, Christ
Is it okay? 
Its okay
Its okay, son

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