I am swallowing the scroll

I am swallowing the scroll
by Joel Howard

I am swallowing the scroll
It is sweet, later dull
First tasty and scrumptious
That scroll in my mouth is
I am tasting your words
How it all comes together
I am tasting the scroll
Jesus Christ, my Lord

What's to come, what will be
What you think of even me
How you're with me - that is sweet
How you're with even me
What is sour, what is bitter
Is what will come in this hour
Your sword comes to call us
To punish and discipline us

Sweetness is your voice to me
Harshness is your call to us
It is sweet that you are coming
But it is bitter that you are coming
So if you are caught in sin
Just keep sinning, my good friend
And if you are doing right
Do right again and then again

Let he who hears, let him hear
Let he who sees, let him see
The scroll is sweet to those who hear
The scroll's a delight to those who see
But to those wandering, the scroll is bitter
Tastes like weeds, tastes sour, tastes gross
He is coming, he is close

I hear an oracle above
Jesus comes, swift to come
So call your daughters and your sons
To bow low, to get low
Desperation draws nigh 
Division will divide
He is close, he is nigh 
Weary sinners, saints alike

I am swallowing the scroll
He is telling me He's close
Weary sinners, saints alike
He is coming like a thief at night
So do not close your eyes
Stand watch, lift your cries
To the God who has in mind
Weary sinners, saints alike

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