Hide it under a bushel?

Hide it under a bushel?
by Joel Howard
"Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain?" Psalm 2:1, ESV

In a dream a woman said to me
Upon seeing the prayer or word on my page
"You're going to erase that, aren't you?"
And she proceeded to attack, persecute 
And rage against me in front of her peers
And the crowd, scoffing, huffing and puffing

And I had shyly complied
I had shyly turned aside

In our shame, we shift the blame
In our pain, we hurt others
In our rage, we imprison brothers
In our sadness and anger
We can't forgive one another

"There's no space for you!"
"Who do you think you are!"
"Don't you dare!"
"Get back in there!"

And in our anger, we lie
And in our shame, we push back
Easier to make them die
Than for us to look inside

O! O the rage of the nations
Against the Son of Man
Its starting now, its starting now, friend
Choose your side, fill your oil inside
May our lamps burn bright
As we now face the night
Hide it under a bushel, no!!!
I'm gonna let it shine!

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