Biography series: Tomás Rivera

I still feel it
by Joel Howard
Inspired by the childhood and life of author Tomás Rivera

When I grow up 
I would be a writer
"If people don't read, 
What is a writer?"

Car accident when I was young
Inspired my first heart's song
Felt a feeling I still get
Whenever I get my feet wet

Working on the farms as a child
Who could think of another life? 
The feeling I get and others too
Is a feeling that motivates me to write to you

Often missing school so I could work
Had to catch up, had to catch up
Life's hardships create a faster run
Life's hardships create a faster climb

I write in Spanish, but you have a problem with that
I write in Spanish, what's wrong with that? 
"Limited audience, don't you think?"
That doesn't negate the feeling within me

Thank you grandpa for the fun times
Thank you grandpa for the school supplies
Thank you grandpa for encouraging my life
Thank you grandpa, all the time

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