Biography series: Sammy Lee

Into the pit of sand
by Joel Howard
Inspired by the life and childhood of physician and Olympic diver Sammy Lee

"Jump! Jump in!" Coach says
Into the pit of sand I swim
Wednesday's is international day
I can swim there that day
But every other day
Into the pit of sand 
I swim, I sway

You can do it! One more flip!
I had stood at the fence
They wouldn't let me in
International day meant only one thing
"Whites are much more important, you see"

Be a doctor, daddy would say
How about a swimmer, a diver? I say
Both would be mine one day
Argh, that international day!

Into the pit I swim
The pit of sand, sand within
What feels harder
And more uncomfortable
Helps me to win
The more challenging, 
The stronger I get
Want to bet? 
I can prove it!

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