Biography series: Rosa Parks

by Joel Howard
Inspired by the life and bravery of Rosa Parks

Decision to make
Lies to break
If those lies are fake
Then they are lies to break
Roots that go deep
As deep as can be
Spring up the truth
Alive from within me

When I was young
We asked, "Is there enough?" 
I cared for my grandma
Sat at the feet of grandpa
He told me equal rights
Start with "you and I"
My life is a decision
My life lives forth a vision

Decisions like mine
Cannot be made
In a split second's time
They take many days
Many hours, many years
Before their fruit appears
My life is a decision
Alive from within me

Decisions don't change
When opinions rage
For if they do
They were never once true
Live your decisions
With depth within them
With truer foundations
Know where you came from

Develop convictions
That you can sit down for
That you can stand up for
That you can say "no" for
That you can say "yes" for
Decide what is best, for
Your life is a decision
Know where it is headed

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