Biography series: Ludwig van Beethoven

Gotta go back home
by Joel Howard
Inspired by the early life and later accomplishments of Beethoven

Humanity hits us all
Rise above it and you'll fall
Try to conquer it and you'll die
One of us, as one of us

Beethoven was no different
I appreciate how he accepted it
At age 17 he played for Mozart
And was invited to study in Austria

Mom and dad were musicians
He himself played at four years old
Wrote his music early
Promises of accomplishments untold

But before his big break
Before he hit the charts
Beethoven had to duck 
To babysit instead of pursuing these arts

His mother was ill
His dad needed help
Drop the books and the music, Ludwig
Your brothers need you as well

Humanity hits us
Each one, not one more than others
So many of life's struggles
Are spent ignoring our brothers

Embrace limitations
The dreams can wait
Become like Beethoven
In time you will be great

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