Biography series: Billy Graham

That same yell
by Joel Howard
Inspired by the childhood and life of Billy Graham

Born on a farm
Raised on that farm
Siblings and I
Raised on that farm

Loved to read a book
Loved to read a book
Tarzan's the best that took
That good Tarzan book*

On my farm with my book
Tree to tree like my book
Yell at cows, yell at horses
Just as Tarzan in my book

Him swinging through the trees
Yelling' free as can be
His yell gave me
A desire now to speak

That same yell
I had on that farm
That same freedom
To sound the alarm

Reading on my farm
Inspired by that man
Swinging from the trees
Was who I am

The peace of a child
The simplicity of a child
The formation of a child
The formation of a child

Subtly, but surely on that farm
With books like Tarzan in my arm
A voice within me would never let go
God's heart within me, now I know

That same voice, that same yell
Came to me in those early days
The love of books eventually gave
That same yell a brand new Name

Swinging through the nations
Shouting out His fame
Free as young Tarzan
With that same yell


*When (Billy Graham) was eight years old in 1927, the family moved about 75 yards (69 m) from their white frame house to a newly built red brick home.[19] ... He started to read books from an early age and loved to read novels for boys, especially Tarzan. Like Tarzan, he would hang on the trees and gave the popular Tarzan yell, scaring both horses and drivers. According to his father, that yelling had led him to become a minister.[23] From Wikipedia

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