Pursue poverty

Pursue poverty
by Joel Howard

In a world of going up
I, a child, turn down
In an age of growing up
I would turn around

"More, more!" they cry
I allow my flesh to die
"Mine, mine!" they you deny
I lift your name up high

I race down the steps of life
While others climb the ladder high
I, towards humanity, bow my life
While others seek godlike qualities

"I can't" and "I'm weak" 
Are familiar to me
"For God, not for me" 
Will be my plea

I pursue now poverty
I pursue more of you less of me
I give up all I can
So I can be your man

Tis much better to give than receive
I pursue now my poverty
I face the rage and the solitude
From the world who would me move

They my flesh may break
They might make me die
But they can't take who I am
They cannot truly take my life

In secret I empty my soul
I return to your love, the start
I to your arms now go
I to you pour my heart

I long, I long for poverty
I long, I long for just one thing
I long, I long that you'd fill me
I long, I long for poverty

Take from me all I have
My relationship to this world would be "lack"
And in heaven make me rich indeed
Eternally returning all to me

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