Jesus stood

pen and paper sketch (1"x2") by Joel Howard

This is a depiction with liberties taken of the betrayal and arrest of Jesus Christ - you see Judas kissing Jesus holding a bag of money behind his back. The thing that strikes me most in the sketch is the face of Jesus looking directly at the viewer and standing at ease while the man with a torch to his right and the men to his right stand on guard.  The man with a sword to Jesus' left could be the disciple who attacked the guard with his sword and he is seen with it drawn.  

Jesus stood
by Joel Howard, inspired by the above sketch

Jesus stood, having prayed
now to be arrested
Having given, having loved
now to be arrested

Jesus bowed moments before
before he was arrested
An open book, nothing hidden
Now he was betrayed

The world couldn't stand
The world couldn't stand a man 
The world couldn't stand a real man

Jesus stood, empty handed
mourning every loss
Jesus stood, already rejected
fully grieving the cost

Jesus brought all he was
Twenty-four seven
prominent people often sought to see
how they could catch him

The world couldn't stand
The world couldn't stand a son
The world couldn't stand a true son

Before I enter this day
I hand over my will -I'm willing to be betrayed
Before I choose this path
I known what it takes - I know what will last
My Savior was a true man
My Savior was a true Son
My Savior took his stand
This Jesus, this Jesus had won!

Jesus stood, hated again
Pitied by some, enraging others
Jesus stood once again
Giving all he was, he truly was

The world couldn't stand 
The world couldn't stand its Creator
The world couldn't stand its Maker

In full integrity
Laid bare for all to see
God of eternity and of humanity
Beaten, killed and bruised
"If they hated me, the will surely hate you"
Jesus stood
Jesus stood
Jesus stood

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