I look up

I look up
by Joel Howard

In order to look up
I lose my to-do list
In praying for awhile
I also lose my place
Forgetting my control
Forfeiting the grip
Control of you
My grip on me

My children often do this
Plug their ears, roll their eyes
I tell them, "Look up." 
And in doing so, they must
Lose control, lose their grip
On their hypothesis that
They are the kings and 
queens of humankind

I look up and 
lose control and 
lose my grip and 
gain you, friend

I look up and
there's no dollar sign
that compares with
You, my friend

I look up and 
lose everything to 
find all I need in
You, O Jesus

I look up
and lose my life
To gain you, Lord

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