I grasp the hand

I grasp the hand
by Joel Howard

I grasp the hand of gratitude
He will be my guide
I employ his ways, his words, his eyes
As dear friends of mine
Jesus has made the entire world
Nothing escapes his mind
I grasp the hand of gratitude
Yes he will be my guide

In joy I embark in the unknown
I start this journey fresh
Each day encapsulates his grace
Each moment holds his love
I do not guarantee myself
The things I don't deserve
I grow in his maturity
Receiving all as gift

My daughter slipped and fell one day
After trying on some lotion
At Bath and Body Works
And then created a scene
"I need more lotion"
"I need it now" 
It had apparently slipped off her hand
"No you don't," I broke it to her
But she didn't understand

God take me past entitlement
Take me into your heart
Each breath I take
Each sight I see
Is something you freely impart
I need nothing, I owe nothing
Naked I entered and will return
God take me past entitlement
With gratitude as my friend

I grasp the hand of sanctity
In purity and grace
Let me live in full integrity
Knowing I don't own this place
I don't own the ground I tread
I cannot feed my own
If not for your majestic grace
Your plentitude, my Lord

I place my stake on Jesus Christ
I depend alone on him
He is my sole identity
Without him, I am slim
But with him I am full of life
And with him I know grace
Though darkness is ahead of me
I set apart this place

Though great unknowns beset me now
Though I know not what comes
I grasp the hand of gratitude
I realize it is His
I grasp the hand in this unknown
Of Jesus who ever lives
I cling to you, my God, my Lord
To you, who ever lives

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