How or who?

How or who? 
by Joel Howard

When all is calm
What thoughts reside? 
A resounding "how"? 
Or a "who" inside?
When life goes still
and there's room to breathe
"How" or "who"? 
Which one's my plea? 

"How will I get there?" 
"How will you provide?" 
Or "Who is my Father?" 
"Who makes me alive?"
Is the silence in me
scared or resting? 
Dying or free? 
Asking, "How will I make it?" 
or "Who holds me?" 

Like Job with his friends
when God spoke up
What kind of questions
ended the quarrel?

What kind of words
silenced mankind? 
"Who is this King of glory?" 
or "How vigilant am I?" 

"How" defends our power
"How" uses pure logic
"How" muffles mystery
With lies and with gossip

"How" doesn't allow
God to be himself
"How" puts our faith
back on the shelf

"Who" sets lies to rest
Sheds light on the problem
Makes enemies to flee
And stories to blossom

"Who" delivers me
From the tyranny of sin
When I know who you are, God
And I let you in

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