Chaos allowed

Chaos allowed
by Joel Howard

I am Jonah
I am Joseph
I am Moses
Mary and Martha
Stuck in a whale
Down in a well
40 years stranded
Loved one lost

I am Peter
I am John
I 'm the leper
Job and Joel
Denied your name
Stuck at sea
Sick for good
Burdened with 
Your burdens

Friends forsaken
and abandoned
This the chaos 
and the aching
Seems almost
Almost too hard

Fear surrounds
and would engulf
the hope within me
There you go
Here I am
Are we separated
In this pain? 

I make a vow
I stake my claim
On this side
of earth's pain
All is lost
All to gain
This I know
Chaos allowed

It is golden and 
will not stain
Unlike earth's
This I know
My soul is wealthy
Chaos allowed
You are for me

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