A great message

A great message
by Joel Howard

A great message has been given unto me
It has brought me to my knees
But now I stand on my feet

A solemn echo I relay unto the world
To every man, woman, boy and girl
It is His, I believe

Its the message of the second chapter of Joel
Given to me and soon to unfold

It is time, children
It is time, friends
Its the beginning of the ending
The beginning of the end

Its a grace, fathers
That we hear this call
Lets get digging, children
Pick up shovels, all

Halleluiah, King is coming
Jesus Christ is coming soon
There's a battle on the horizon
Have you heard the good news? 

Turn your prayers into weapons
Turn your days into songs
Lift a holy Halleluiah
To the One who saves us all!

Like Frodo, I'm bearing something 
I often think of with contempt
Who wants to bear a message
To wake the nations to repent? 

Yet I bear it, O I bear it
And I'm not the only one
But I report to One who's higher
I report to Christ the Son

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