by Joel Howard

Circles of thought 
in my mind
Circles, scribbles
No end in sight

Abba, I reach
for you and say
Straighten out
these circles today

You know more
than I do
Straighten, make it
right and true

Take the ones
I hold so dear
Take them for
its you I fear

Life without you
is only lack
Take it, you are
all I have

Take my wife, 
My home and kids
My mother, father
brothers, sisters

My nephew, nieces 
Grandparents, aunts
Uncles, Lord, you're 
all I've got

Take my time
I make it yours
Mold me, shape me
Cleanse me, Lord

Into something
You can use
Shape me, for its
You I choose

Hands up God I 
surrender to you
Lose control
Myself removed

Straighten every 
crooked path
Shape me, God
You're all I have

If these worries
turn me to you
They are well-used friends
faithful and true

Clarify my mind
My call
Strengthen my arms
To do your will

Bring a seed 
of peace today
Into all I
do and say

Change mankind
now through me
I, the change
I hope to be

Responsible, yet
full of love
Make me a witness
from above

I would follow
in your steps
Reminding where
others forget

Washing one 
another's feet
Giving homeless
bread to eat

Watching out for
orphans alone
Melting every
heart of stone

There is nothing 
you can't do
With this heart
full of good news

Turmoil oft' 
my friend has been
Story no different
today again

Confusion oft' 
has been my guide
Shifting me
towards the light

Many were my 
counselors when
You had chosen
to use them

Fear, war, 
anger, sadness
You keep using
choosing to bless

Angels while
I was unaware
You through them
met me there

If these worries
turn me to you
They are friends
faithful and true

Indicating what's
inside, while
You resuscitate
my weary life

Now I have 
no cause for fear
in worry, stress, 
when hardship's near

All hands on deck
My God employs 
The dark and shadows
as decoys

The darkness is 
as light to He
who in wildernesses
works faithfully

Never have I
been alone
Always he works
a job well done

Jesus is a friend
Sovereign, faithful
and true

There is nothing you
can't do
with this heart
full of good news

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