by Joel Howard

I draw near to you in fear and in safety
In courage and in weakness
In messiness and sanctity

I approach you in sin and in holiness
Unashamed and wretched
Unafraid and trembling

I come at you not mended and whole
Silent and speaking
Quiet and shouting

I bow down here with all and with nothing
Giving and getting
Asking and receiving

As I come to you, I'm needy and satisfied
Reaching and withdrawing 
Coming and running

I look heavenward hiding and revealing
Savoring and hungering
Warm and chilling

I approach you wholehearted
For you are a wholehearted Lover
A wholehearted Savior
A wholehearted God
I'm asking for everything 
Yet requiring nothing
But to sit here weeping
Knowing and loving

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