The cool of the day

The cool of the day
by Joel Howard

Is it safe? 
To be here with you, 
Is it safe? 
Apparently it's come down 
to this
Do I trust? 
To be here with you, 
Do I trust? 

I'm like a rubber band
Or a boomerang
Or a crawling baby
I will not rest
I will not stop
I will not stay
Like a new born puppy
An untrained animal

The world was born
so, so different
God made it
Called it good

Adam and Eve
And God
Walked in the cool 
of the day
In the garden

There was no inclination 
to leave
There was no restrictions
but the tree
There was no need to 
doubt safety
doubt confidence
doubt trust

If that's how it was before
the fall
Is it because of the fall
That shame entered in? 

Oh it's written on my skin
And under my skin
Shame is the planet
That we tend to live in

If not for the cross
The old, rugged cross
If not for the blood
The body He broke

Blood poured out
Lamb who was slain
Allowing us again
To find that cool day

To find that cool day
With the Lamb who was slain
To enter anew
By what Christ can do

The more I have stopped
And deepened some more
The emptiness I've found
The space I've recovered
As God has remade
The mess I've discovered

See - God doesn't throw away
Our old trash
But knits it together 
Into something 
that will last

God hasn't jerked
Or reacted to me
But has stepped into 
love me
To hold even me

My God's not surprised
He even offers a smile
When he sees what I've done
Who I have become

While I was in sin
My Jesus entered in
While I fled the earth
Trying to be found
Jesus entered in
His plane hit the ground

He brought with him
Weapons, redemption 
to win
To bring back that cool of the day
Here within

So today I return
To the cool of the day
To the way God designed it
He planned it that way
Today I confide
To you all of my sins
The cool of the day
Is the day I am in

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