Sinner, come home

Sinner, come home

by Joel Howard

Lost and hidden
gone astray
deceived ourselves
we've run away
Forfeited innocence
broken and alone
Jesus wants us
To come home

Broken trust

Ignored his words
Forgotten his promise
Fools wayward
Fearing the created
More than God
Jesus wants us
To return

Father was crying

Pacing the halls
Praying for sinners
Remembering the cross
Jesus was waiting
tenderly loving
we would come home

Many our sorrows

Many our hurts
Betrayed the Savior
Laughed at his words
Stained was our innocence
Estranged from our kin
Gave away our birthright
Changed our own name

The whole world is guilty

Mankind has sinned
God's story opens
And our history begins
With punishment for sinners
Boundaries set
We are not okay here
Lest we forget

Sin's only "okay" 

When we ignore God
And say to his face
That he's not enough
Life's about returning 
to a place we belong
Accepting forgiveness
And coming home

Leave behind your failures

Go and sin no more
Return now to Jesus
To his name alone
Accept his promise
Fear his rebuke
Live life asking
How he is coming to you

Bask in his presence

Bow at his feet
Forgiven with Jesus
Met are your needs
Bear a new name
Know you are known
Write a new story
Sinner, come home

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