inspired by Genesis 1:2
by Joel Howard

When you
hovered over
the face 
of the deep
What did you do? 
What did you think?

Did your eyes see
All that would be? 
Did you preview

I wonder what you
saw lingering there
Was that your rough draft
as you prepared? 

Did your mind scan
the faces of man, 
seeing the world
before it began? 

Did you search
the stores of your heart
measuring out gifts
to impart? 

Was it your joy to 
savor it then
before it reached
the eyes of men? 

When angels would
try to ask you detail
of your intent
what did you reveal? 

I'm sure they hungered
to see the blueprint
the heartbeat of God
fully expressed

Seeing Christ die
before the foundation, 
Did you cry then
turning away from him? 

Wars and disasters, 
horrors and pain
How did you grieve 
as they passed through 
your brain? 

Unborn babies - seeing
them killed
fatherless, orphans
blood being spilled?

The rage of mankind 
killing your Son
How did it affect you
before it had begun? 

The fruit and the joy
laughter and plenty
The sunsets and
mankind's diversity

All you would make
what would be done
Individual stories
victories won

Surely God took
just enough time
to study his handiwork, 
review his design

Blood, sweat and tears
went into the world
He knew it all
He saw it all

A thinker is God,
Prudent indeed
Adjusting all to 
a heavenly speed

Make me a planner
Prudent like you
Steady, feeling, 
prayerful and true

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