Man's empty praise

Man's empty praise
by Joel Howard

Whether, "You're big enough,"
or "You're too small," 
"You're never enough,"
or "Now you're tall!"
Man's praise and criticism
fall short

Whether, "Wow!"
or, "Ew!"
"Look elsewhere,"
or, "Look at you!"
It's foolish to 
lean into men

When my daughter tells me
she is small, so small
When quietly she
resigns herself to low worth
I say, 

"Baby if anyone tells you
you're small, say to them: 

"'My daddy loves me
My daddy says I'm beautiful
My daddy says I'm big
My daddy says I'm worthy
Your words, friend, are empty
No matter what you say
My daddy says I'm worthy
And I'm keeping it that way'"

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