Like Jesus

Like Jesus
A thought based on Hebrews 12:1-2
Joel Howard

There are so many watching
Such a vast, vast crowd
Talking about Jesus
Praising out loud

What's in my hands is heavy
I cast it now aside
I stop my heart's rebellion
I lay down all my pride

Like Jesus, I see joy
Like Him, I endure pain
Imitating, I scorn the shame
And following, I sit down

Like Jesus Christ, I gaze
On the Father's beauty
I hold on to His promises
Despite what pain might do to me

I laugh at Satan's lies
I cast them each aside
I live a life of rest
Choosing what is best

I'm quiet, He's in charge
I'm home, He's the boss
Enjoying all He says,
wishes and does

In silence I belong
I'm loving ones like Christ
I'm feeling what He feels
Crying when He cries

Never looking back
Nor too far ahead
Not haughty with my eyes
but seeing Christ instead

Remembering his beauty
Remembering his pain
How he set a boundary
Between himself and shame

He heard Your voice so clearly
He saw the world as well
He entered into heaven
Inviting ones from hell

Redeeming weary sinners
Tired of saving themselves
It never really worked for us
As far as we could tell

God as we see each other
May we obey you and lay down pride
God as we love our brothers
May we love less our own lives

Make us sacrificial
But never, never in debt
Giving what's been given us
'Til only you are left

You will always refill us
You will always restore
Jesus, you are faithful
King, Master and Lord

So make us each like Jesus
Beloved God of all
May we see heaven come down
May we see Satan fall


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