How long?

How long? 
Our quest for maturity
by Joel Howard

I can grow a radish in 30 days
I can grow a bean in 65
In three months I can offer you some corn
That's some tasty food in little time

In a few years I can grow a lemon tree
The first of its fruit are wonderful
Once matured it offers lemons plentiful
Abundance to give, take home and share

Three years for an orange tree
Four for olives
5 to 10 years to grow
some apples

Its a little more intimidating
A whole lot more investment
Days over years 
was easier to swallow

To grow an avocado tree takes 15 years
An oak tree may mature in 20
But you have to wait thirty additional years
For that same oak tree to yield its first acorns

The oldest dated tree is over 4,000 years
Its still around and you can go visit 
So why do I assume that I can, overnight, 
Become who Jesus Christ in me intended? 

30 days or 4,000 years, but never in a moment
Maturing takes blood, sweat and tears,
We have to first watch a lot of others succeed
We have to know our limitedness and own it

So look unto the tree, my heart, look to its roots
Look to the one who cultivates it
Look to the waiting, groaning, yearning and awakening
Look unto the process that forms it

Do not believe the lie that with a sum of money
You can skip from A to Z in time
Do not believe that there is somewhere else you should be
Don't believe you need a faster climb

Look unto the tree, my friend, look unto its fruit
See how the lemons, apples and acorns
Bless the world over with a single touch
But require much attention in how they're formed

Check your every longing, test your every fear
Question every worry, know that He is near
Be content with what you have, not with what you don't
If a tree can stick to it, who says that we won't?  

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