How can I save you?

How can I save you? 
dedicated to my sweet Alathea Song
by Joel Howard

This is a poem for my daughter
And the fear in her eyes
From ways she's been shamed
Its no surprise
When earthly people
Tell her she's not enough
She trembles and shivers
A famine of love

This is a story of what I can do
What can I do
To share the good news? 
Can I protect her 
from the evil of man? 
Could I shield my daughter
Here as it begins? 

Oh Alathea, sweet Alathea
Your whimpers and shudders
Your cries in the night
Of the meanness of others
It doesn't help that 
You're skinny and frail
This dad that you have
Would pass even through hell

To see you protected
That you'd know your name
You're three yet you've forgotten
From whose hands you came!
I'd suffer a beating
And take the last bullet
To see your life free
Free yes free!

But I can do nothing
About the hate of this earth
I cannot put you back in the womb
Can't return
You to places from which
God sent you
He formed your life, babe
You are adopted
A daughter He's made

I can't shield you from 
Every whisper of doubt
Horrors and horrors
In this life abound
They'll taunt you 
And taunt you
And taunt you again
This is the game that
Our entire world plays

How can I save you? 
I wrestle right now
To think of a way 
I can shield you from hell
To shield you and your sister
And brother alike
From having to enter the world
Having to fight

Perhaps there's no quick fix
No way to avoid it
Perhaps there's no exit
No winning the lottery
Perhaps I can't change
The generation you're in
Perhaps I can't shield you
From the shame of sin

But each time I see you 
Cry tears and know pain
Awakens the battle 
within me again
The battle to be 
the best dad I can be
The battle to fight that 
same sin within me

Each time that I hear
That you're scared 
or alone
Each time that you 
lower your eyes 
on your own
Each time that you reach 
out and say 
"Can we talk?" 
I'll meet you there, baby
We can take a walk

Each time your heart breaks
Be it once or again
You bet all your pesos 
This daddy will win ~
The best thing I'll do
To secure victory for you
Is to live life victorious and 
Give the spoils to you

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