by Joel Howard

I live for staying, not for going
I live for listening, not for speaking
I live for receiving, not for giving
I live for hiding, not for running

I live for the secret place, not the public
I live for the Source, not the outcome
I live for the Savior, not the crowd
I live for silence, not out loud

I stay in the desert and in the garden
Not in the heights of popularity
I search for treasure here in the Scripture
Not in the latest, biggest or best 

Yes, I may go, but I return
Yes, I may speak, but then I listen
Yes, I may give, but fly to receive
Yes, I may run, but then I hide

Yes, I may go out, but then come home
Yes, I may lead, but then sit and dine
Yes, I may share, but then submit
Yes, I may shout, but then bask in stillness

I stay in the farmland and in the country
Not in the skyscrapers of the city
I mine for gold by the ancient paths
Not in the latest, biggest or best

I stay in touch and well connected
Not running "solo" or climbing
I ask for everything that's in your heart
Clinging only to what you give me

I fight to hide and strive to win
I cling to Jesus here within
Lest I forget a single word
That you have spoken to me, Lord

Hiddenness is my return
To feel your holy fire burn
Secret place, to you I fly
Secret place, to you I fly

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