God's not a computer

God's not a computer
by Joel Howard

God's not a computer
A tablet or phone
You can't upgrade to another
You can't brag that you own him
You don't earn status for holding God
The Pharisees tried that, look at them now

God's not a device
We can't dump on him
You can't throw him out
You can't manipulate him
He's someone you can't control
And you can't figure out
You cannot program him
You can't manipulate God

God doesn't give you upon 
your request
At the click of the button
What you say is best
He doesn't compute for your
Every desire
He will not feed you
Unnatural desire

God doesn't play games
God hates what is evil
You can't go to him
To gamble and steal
God isn't like WIFI
Giving you all you want
And you cannot block him
No matter how hard you want

God isn't a fad
He didn't just come out
He doesn't make headlines
Or line your pockets
God's older than that
He's always around
He doesn't grow old
Or tired, or bored

God isn't a solution
To fix all your needs
He doesn't work for you
And only at your speed
So lest we forget 
God is pre-technology
Knows more than Google
More connected than Facebook
Hotter than Instagram
Quicker than Twitter
Better than the best
God is much better

You can't tuck Him away
In a throw-over bag
Or put him away 
Or turn him off
He's closer than close
He's what we all want
As we scroll through our phones
And browse on the box

God isn't like TV
You can't change the channel
Can't make him disappear
Even if you unsubscribe

God isn't a fad
God isn't a game
He's not a computer
My God has a name

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