by Joel Howard

In an age of middle fingers
In a time of cursing God
In a time of killing mothers
In a day of murder and death

In a season of humanity
Of hatred, racism and violence
Loving ourself has become the precedent
We forget that we have all left

Each of us were prodigals
Some still are
Each of us sinners
Each of us far

Far from our fathers
And far from God
The cry of Malachi
Still has a sound

"Turn the hearts of the fathers
To their children
And the hearts of children
To their dads"

In an age where souls are restless, restless
In an age where trends follow fads
In a time when tables are growing empty
In a time when screens our faces demand
In a time where emptiness is prevalent
Its a time we need another dad

Another dad, that I would be
A father to humanity
Scoop the lost ones in our arms
Love the loveless, cure the harm

There's a new way we can see this world
The way that Jesus saw it too
As he looked and saw a plentiful harvest
Saying that the workers are few

Can we be a dad to humanity's children?
Can we be the moms to the world brimming over? 
Can we foster children spiritual and real? 
Can we be the father to the fatherless? 
Let us be a father to the fatherless

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