Dread warrior

Dread warrior
Jeremiah 20:11
by Joel Howard

In a dream
I saw the Lord
His back of course
He was a dread warrior

The room was fire
My heart was warm
Jesus was here
In our living room

The room was fire
Full of fire
He was the fire
All Consuming Fire!

I am undone
Woe is me!
I woke up crying
And shivering

I have heard of visitations
Around the world
Jesus showing up
To children abroad

Never thought
I would see him
But in my dream
As we prayed, he appeared

He walked in the room
Full of sweat and blood
The crucified King
The Lamb that was slain

Just like Aslan
C.S. Lewis must have seen
And I, Lucy
Going in for the embrace

But before I awoke
I saw 150 agonized faces
In a split second
Faces in hell, flashing before me

I woke up shivering
Reached for a blanket
I woke up weeping
Tears rolling down my face

I awoke my wife
Who was also in the dream
Praying with me
It is 3:30am

I wept and wept
At the horror and beauty
Of seeing the Lord
The angel of the LORD

My dream had been one
Of provision upon provision
Abundance upon abundance
and of my brothers and sisters

And each time my wife
And I prayed, we resolved
To pray again and again
Until shouting she said,

"He's here!" 
And I looked
I looked at my 
Dread warrior

The vision will never leave me
Jesus came to encourage me
It is a vision for the church
Not just for me

Not sure why
Not sure for when
But Jesus came
In my dream

It was a dream of fire
A dream of the angel of the LORD
And when I awoke I sang

It was the song that had 
Been in my dream
And Sophia and I in the dream
Had been chanting: 

"Let your fire come
Let your fire fall down
Let your fire come
Let your fire fall down"

That had been our prayer
That we resolved over
And over to pray
Until he came

I knew it was a dream
For the world
For my leaders
For the church

It was a dream of the 
Beloved coming to 
His bride in the night
In Song of Songs 5

"Open to me my sister
My love, my dove, 
My perfect one, 
For my head is wet 

With dew, my locks
With the drops of 
the night."  He was 

And I thought of the 
Passover, the blood of the 
Lamb covering the house
It was the angel of the LORD

It was my suffering Savior
Here to encourage
And I saw him, but I 
didn't see his face

I went in for the embrace
And then saw the faces
Of hundreds of agonized 
people suffering in hell

It was my dream
Now I am a mess
I am messed up
Because I have seen him

I wept and spoke
With my wife for hours
Taking time
To process it of course

It is not a dream for me
But one for all of us
For God showed up
And he is with us
The more I pray about this dream, the word "fire" seems to be the theme - God coming as an all consuming fire.   The Lord coming as a dread warrior.   

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