Can we talk about it?

Can we talk about it? 
A real conversation about shame
by Joel Howard

Shame. She's demanding, 
outraged and yelling 
Crying, running, 
I can't get away
Confused. Does she mean 
what she's saying? 
These messages I'm getting
still haunt me
I can't see

Can we talk about it? 
Can we unpack the 
Just you and me? 
Can we walk through it? 
Can we see eye to eye
and confess what its 
doing to me? 
Can shame kill? 
Because I feel like
its killing me 

Regret. Oh the horror
of all I've done
Who can think of
a victory won? 
I'm so messy
Like a child in her
diaper - I swear
its like I'm there

Can we talk about it? 
Can you unlock the 
worth in the depths
of my weary soul? 
It's out of control
Can we listen to it? 
Can we give the pain
words and explore
all the hurts in my brain? 
Can wounds heal? 
Because I feel like
its killing me

Stay in the pain
It's why Jesus came
To unlock the worth
in the depths 
of your soul
To unearth what's there and 
explore rebirth
in His time
There's time 

So relax,
don't cover it up
don't cover it up
it won't help
You need help 
But so do I
So into Abba's arms
we now fly
And we'll stay there
Because, baby, that's
what family's about
Don't be scared when
the enemy shouts
He's a stranger
He left God's house
long ago
I know, it hurts
It's okay

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