A farmer grows

A farmer grows
by Joel Howard

Babies plant in a day
And want to see fruit
Then and there
Fools want it right away
To see with their 
own eyes

The farmer grows,
toils and waits
Grows, toils and waits
The farmer waits
another day
Waits another day

When I was a child
I wanted milk
When I wanted milk
I was a fool to think
That I, starting, 
had arrived

The farmer waits
watches, prays
Waits, watches, prays
Works, sweats, never
Sweats and never forgets

The fool overlooks
his job, wanting to 
get paid
The stupid one steals
and grabs, thinking
he has won

The farmer groans
dedicates, groans
and dedicates
Spins, toils, perseveres
Toils and perseveres

Fool and farmer
Baby and adult
Stupid and planner
All share the same earth
Who am I? 
Who will I be?
What am I to do? 
Instead of looking
for what's next
May I now follow through

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