Wife, you are central

Wife you are central, by Joel Howard 
dedicated to my wife 

More than training others
More than our babies
More than saving mankind
I would want you

More than spiritual powers
More than eloquence
More than perfection
I would want you

You are more - so much more
To me than all we could do, all we could do
Fairest of women, my inspiration
Baby its you, baby its you

We could climb mountains
We could bury ourselves in the sea
We could write volumes
And change the course of humanity
But baby, without you
I could do anything
But baby without you
It would mean nothing

You're the only one to whom I've made 
A heavenly vow
Before all mankind I chose
To stay by your side

The greatest miracle I can offer
Is being with you
Staying with you
Doing with you, all things

So may our life be full
But never divided
May our times be tough
But never divided
May our tears flow like rivers
And our "to-do" list mount high

I'll set it all aside
To be with you tonight
I'll set it all aside
Wife, you are central
I'll set it all aside
Wife, you are central

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