The gift not given

Friends and family, I know I send a lot of poetry :)  Read it only if time allows.  But it is my Merry Christmas process and gift to you each.  Blessings on your homes - Joel Howard
The gift not given
Christmas 2018
by Joel Howard
On Christmas we remember
At least we try
Through the lines for gift wrap
We attempt to unpack
This Christ child's arrival

Through the bustle of commerce
Have I time to unearth,
Through the card swipes
and bright lights
Have I time to recall?

That two millennia ago
A real star,
A real girl
Her real fiancé
their real predicament:
She's very pregnant
In a stable long ago

They travelled, carrying
The Messiah child -
Long awaited Savior child
To a world in need

Six days to go and I've yet
To shop
Now I stop
To sort it out

Is my gift the one I give
to family and friends?
Is my gift the one I do
Trying not to forget those who
mean something?

The world says so
The mall says so
The culture says so
Getting and giving prevails

My question, though,
Is how will I bless the Christ-man
The once Christ-child
This Christmas?
Lest I forget what I can give to him.
Yes, I will create space for him
I will pursue now him
And solely him

For when the lights go dim
December 26th
When the plates need washing
When that tree needs watering
and the floors need cleaning

With toys they'll be playing
The lights still displaying
The season - entertaining
But in my pondering, I wonder first
What will I give Christ this year?

And like the awe-struck shepherds
Like the 3 very wise men
Like Mary and Joseph
Caught in wonder at this God-son

When all is done
Will he be left empty-handed?
Or will I have come to Christ
to give him the gift of my presence?
Will I have created space for him
In this lowly stable inn?
Deep in my heart within?

So, as a father it is interesting
That I have not shopped a penny
As for plans, we have a lot
However, the first thing I want to invest, I guess
Is a heart that's flawless
Unstained by the culture's lies
Telling me what I do makes who am I
Telling me enough is never enough

Satan would steal Christmas

I have guarded and now speak
This heart I aim to keep
At his cradle's side
By the shepherd's side
Standing next in line
Available to give
My presence to him

My family, my son, my girls
Let's not forget
The best gift yet
Is a pure, undefiled heart
Fit for the King

Let us sow to bring
At the close of 2018
A heart unswerving
To a God who's deserving
Before a world unnerving
The gift of a heart
Of a mind, of a soul
Fully present

Come, let us present
Ourselves to Christ
Let us seek him out
Know where he lies
Let us arise
And give him the gift
Of our hearts, our home
This Christmas

May he receive us
So he can give us
To a world in need
In 2019

Bless you and your homes,
Joel Howard

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