Shout for joy in secret

Shout for joy in secret
a song by Joel David

I shout for joy in secret
That I am loved by God
That mercy has come found me
This sinner has been cleansed
I shout for joy in treasure
That I found in this field
I sell all I possess
To acquire it as my own

I shout for joy in knowing
There's Love so vast and free
I shout for crimson's river
That flows now unto me
I shout for God's salvation
Available to all
I claim it now forever
Do all to make it mine

I shout for joy down under
Deep in this heart and soul
I shout where none can hear it
Cultivating to the full
I'm hungry and I'm yearning
Lacking o'er and o'er
My spirit keeps returning
To Father's rich grandeur

I shout across the nations
I shout now out my door
I welcome weary sinners
With bounty I've in store
I've cultivated ages 
Of Christ's enduring wealth
I've underlined the pages
Of what the Scripture tells

Lord make us missionaries
Of what we've seen and heard
When gospel has penetrated
May bounty's fruit emerge
We shout for joy in secret
Never ceasing to come together
We'll shout with joy forever 
Hailing our living King and Master

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